Work With Me

While I started this blog as a hobby, it is now receiving a serious amount of daily visitors – approximately 500 – Website stats available on request.

It would appear that people actually enjoy my articles!

Guest Posts

Please note I currently only offer guest posts to the blogging community and not commercial enterprises.

If you would like to contribute, that would be great and to thank you for the time and effort I will provide a no follow link back to your own blog or social media account.

I ask that the theme of the article is in fitting with the site, so if you haven’t had a look yet, please take a look at some of the content.

To be considered the article should be well written, entertaining and at least 800 words long (my audience seem to enjoy longer content)

Sponsored Posts

For organizations and businesses.

I’m more than happy to publish semi promotional articles based on interesting topics my audience will enjoy.

The content can either be provided by myself or by your organization. Please note if it’s provided by your organization it shouldn’t be to promotional.

A no follow link will be provided and prices are negotiable.

Please contact me via this page, with your ideas and/or proposal and I will get back to you.